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Apr. 18th, 2006

hold your hand

Attention seeking whore

I am so much better at giving advice than taking it *lmao*

Apr. 9th, 2006

hold your hand

More stuff.

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Apr. 8th, 2006

hold your hand


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Apr. 4th, 2006

hold your hand

(no subject)

Your Existing Situation

Working to improve her image in the eyes of others so as to obtain their compliance and agreement with her needs and wishes.

Your Stress Sources

Wishes to be independent, unhampered, and free from any limitation or restriction, other than those which she imposes of herself or by her own choice and decision.

Your Restrained Characteristics

Has high emotional demands and is willing to involve herself in a close relationship, but not with any great depth of feeling.
Believes that she is not receiving her share--that she is neither properly understood or adequately appreciated. Feels that she is being compelled to conform, and close relationships leave her without any sense of emotional involvement.

Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective

Her need to feel more causative and to have a wider sphere of influence makes her restless and she is driven by her desires and hopes. May try to spread her activities over too wide a field.

Your Actual Problem

Feels restricted and prevented from progressing; seeking a solution which will remove these limitations.

Mar. 22nd, 2006

hold your hand


Nicked from some weirdo who goes by the name of... KAYLEIGHCollapse )

Mar. 14th, 2006

hold your hand

What do ya think?

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Mar. 9th, 2006

hold your hand

Harry Icons

I am so clever. dirtyharryxxx

Mar. 8th, 2006

hold your hand


I'm not telling your actual score. Hmph!
The Lover (or Poet) is a rare type. (S)He has a rather contradictory nature. He is completely unselfish and generally regards others above himself, yet somehow in his effort to please, often ends up doing things that appear completely self-centered. The Lover loves people and strives for acceptance, but at the same time withdraws from the world. Lovers are authors, artists, philosophers, and musicians. They live unorthodox, unconventional, or even chaotic lives. Lovers experience the highest highs and lowest lows.

The Lover's complement is the hardened, unhesitant Warrior.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 35% on Confidence

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You scored higher than 87% on Creativity
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hold your hand

Nicked from Kayleigh.



Feb. 28th, 2006

hold your hand

New layout!

Check out my new layout (again) - I LOVE this!!!

Made by ncgrrlygirl at freelayouts

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