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[Age]: 22
[Location]: England, UK
[Ethnicity]: Caucasian (white)
[Religion]: None
[Hair colour]: Dark brown
[Eye colour]: Blue/Green
[Height]: 5'3"
[Weight]: 8 stone, 10 lbs
[Tattoos]: Cherries on top of right wrist. 3 stars on lower back - to the left (not a tramp stamp!)


Harry // Ashlee Simpson // James Blunt //
The Killers // PJ Harvey // Nine Inch Nails //
Keane // U2 // Red Hot Chili Peppers //
Foo Fighters // Lenny Kravitz // Depeche Mode //
Oasis // Queens of the Stone Age // Britney //
Kaiser Cheifs // Christina Aguilera // Poe //
Kelly Clarkson // Avril Lavigne // Girls Aloud


Memoirs of a Geisha // Pride and Prejudice // Serendipity // Angels In America // Dogma //
Lost In Translation // A Walk To Remember // Stigmata // Lolita // Labyrinth //
Sense and Sensibility // Jane Eyre // Romeo &; Juliet // Rocky Horror Picture Show //
Velvet Goldmine // American Beauty // Mean Girls


'The Lovely Bones' - Alice Sebold // 'After You'd Gone' - Maggie O'Farrell //
'Memoirs of a Geisha' - Arthur Golden // 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' - Oscar Wilde //
'The Da Vinci Code' - Dan Brown // 'Fingersmith' - Sarah Waters

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